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Parent Testimonials


This is my daughter’s 3rd year at Lewisville Christian School. She is currently enrolled in the Jr. Kindergarten program and she just LOVES it. They have done lots of fun art projects and have created several books. She loves bringing her books home and reading them to her sisters. The class has also participated in many exciting science experiments. They watched a volcano erupt, planted seeds to watch them sprout, and are now watching caterpillars as they make their journey through metamorphosis. My daughter is already starting to read and is extremely well-prepared for kindergarten.


All of this has taken place in a Christ-centered learning environment.  Everyday she learns more about God’s love and what it means to be a Christian.  My daughter has truly loved all of her teachers and each has made a special impression on her.  I am grateful for all of the warm, nurturing teachers and staff that have walked through our lives.


On Saturday evening a few weeks ago my daughter aced what our plans were for the next day.  I said, “It’s Monday, you have school.”  To which my daughter replies, “YES!!!!  Spring break is FINALLY over!!!”


My daughter attended LCS from 2004-2006 and loved it. When it came time for my son to head off to preschool in 2009, I briefly considered taking him to a school closer to home. However, when I went to pick up registration forms for LCS, the minute I walked in the same friendly staff members greeted me, remembered my daughter by name (even though it had been three years since she had graduated from LCS) and were just as thrilled about her accomplishments in elementary school as I was. I knew then that it was definitely worth driving the extra few miles for my son to attend LCS where the teachers, aides and directors are so caring. It really is their people who make the difference.


Lots of schools offer the same enrichment programs, but I’m confident that LCS is the best place for my son to receive attentive, loving care. His teachers are a blessing to us. In fact, I considermy son’s teachers “extended” family members. Our family Christmas card is hanging on his teacher’s bulletin board and I know we’ll be sending cards to her every Christmas for years to come!



We can’t express in words how valuable and nurturing our three kids’ experiences have been with LCS. With three kids, we have been very lucky to have worked with almost every teacher and staff member and can honestly say, you can’t go wrong in any age group. They have become part of our extended family.


Fortunately, two of my children were blessed with the Kindergarten program. The small teacher to student ratio provides the extra attention and love that other schools cannot provide… Thanks, LCS!


Lewisville Christian School has been our preschool of choice for our girls beginning in 2007 and will end in 2012 as our last daughter enters Kindergarten. We have been more than pleased with all aspects of the school. Our children always felt loved and special each day that they were at LCS. Beginning with dropping them off in car line or walking them in, there was always a smile, a hug, or other happy greeting welcoming them to start their day. It was very important to us as a family to have our children attend a preschool that included God in their daily routine. We are so pleased that our children not only learned new bible verses each month, but they also developed a deeper understanding of the verse.


LCS offered a wide variety of curriculum that included music, Spanish, library, and theme based learning throughout their days. Our children wanted to go to school every day because of the fun that they were going to get to participate in and were sad on the days that they didn’t have school. LCS was a great school that taught my children rules, guidelines, and life skills that they will use in the years to come. I am very pleased to know that my children are prepared for Kindergarten because of their experience at LCS.


We are in our 3rd year at Lewisville Christian School and I couldn’t be happier with the decision to trust the teachers and staff at this school with my children. All the teachers and aides know every child and show genuine interest and love for each and every one. My son started in elementary school this past year and the foundation he received at LCS made it a worry-free transition. Not only do they receive the education they need to be thoroughly prepared for school, they also learn the even more important lesson of Christ’s love for us through the love the teachers show. I cannot speak highly enough of this school and its staff.


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